Helping Hands Coalition

helping hands coalition

Helping Hands is an all-volunteer community organization dedicated to providing services, food, clothing, and a daytime center for the homeless and others with unmet needs. Our small but friendly facility provides warmth, comfort, and basic services for those in our community.

We provide a place where visitors can find assistance and direction to other community resources that are best suited to addressing specific services. Our guests are treated with courtesy and dignity by our caring staff volunteers.

Founded in 2011 by Pat and Glen Stewart, and by Debe Hamilton, Helping Hands is a non-profit organization qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as such contributions and donations are tax deductible.  We take special pride in being a community-based resource of friends and neighbors just like you.  With your help we can make a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate here in Florence, Oregon.

Come join with us in this important effort!

Because Helping Hands Coalition is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, we are constantly looking for assistance from those in the community who can join with us to provide staffing for our facility; those who can contribute food, clothing and basic supplies; and those who are able to assist us with our operations through financial contributions.

Please feel free to stop by our Center during open hours.

We’d love to show you what we’re doing here — and how you can help in this important community service.  We’d especially welcome you to send us an email just so we can add you to our growing list of “Friends of Helping Hands”.

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